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Monthly Archives: March 2024

Why Is My Car Shaking While Driving Fast or Accelerating

Why Is My Car Shaking While Driving Fast or Accelerating

Have you ever experienced the unsettling sensation of your car shaking while driving at higher speeds or accelerating? It's not only inconvenient but also potentially dangerous - here is why: Why Is the Shaking Sensation Present? When your car shakes while driving fast or accelerating, it's typically a sign of underlying mechanical problems or imbalances within the vehicle's systems. Depending on the severity of the issue, the shaking sensation may vary in intensity, from subtle vibrations to more pronounced jolts. Possible Causes of Car Shaking Wheel Alignment Issues Misaligned wheels can cause your car to shake, especially at higher speeds. When the wheels are not properly aligned, they can create uneven tire wear and instability, leading to vibrations felt through the steering wheel and chassis. Tire Imbalances or Damage Uneven tire wear, tire imbalances, or damaged tires can also contribute to shaking while driving. Tires that ar ... read more

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