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5 Signs That You Need Brake Pad Replacement

Your vehicle's brakes are essential to your safety whenever you step into the car. Many people will wait until it's too late with their brake issues to have their brakes inspected and replaced. If you think about it, it's a significant risk to take, and we don't want you in that kind of scary situation. The most reliable way to go about brake maintenance is to have your brake system routinely inspected and serviced and understand the bad brakes symptoms.


Brake pads are one of those car parts that will often need to be replaced. They experience a ton of heat daily basis and are the most used component of the entire brake system. Here are five symptoms that indicate your car needs new brake pads:

  1. Squealing Brakes - If you catch a squealing noise when braking, it could very likely be the brake pad indicator letting you know that the brake pads are worn down and need to be restored. 
  2. Clicking Noise - A clicking sound can signal that your brake pads are loose. In this case, the technician has to repair the brake pad holding device.
  3. Longer Braking Time - If you notice that it takes you longer to slow down or stop your car than normal, this can be an indication that your brakes are aging. In some cases, they may even overheat.
  4. Car Pulling to One Side When Braking - This situation can happen if your vehicle's brakes wear down unevenly.
  5. Brake Pedal Vibration - If your foot feels vibrations when you press on the brake pedal, this can mean that you need a brake inspection and repair.

As soon as you see any of these warning signs, it is critical to get your vehicle to the experts at Griffin Muffler & Brake Center LLC for a much-needed inspection. We never want you to drive with poor brakes as it can put you at a higher risk of accidents and injuries. We invite you to our auto repair shop in Fort Madison, IA, today!

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