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I was hoping to tag a deer first time out this season and patiently waited till late afternoon to get my first buck. Only a 6-point buck, but just the right size and age for tasty tenderloins and jerky. You see, I’m a novice deer hunter. Last year was my very first time. I shot my new gun twice and tagged two deer. They called me one shot, one kill. They were both does but it doesn’t matter, that 12-point buck we see on our trail cam is around for a reason. The first day out this season I only saw the one buck and it took me two shots to tag him. My odds are still pretty good deer hunting, four shots – three deer. But our odds of a deer vs. car collision is even better.

Over the years we have been in at least seven deer-related accidents counting two this year with one this June. June is an odd time of year but it doesn’t matter anymore. The deer in our area run all year round any time of the day. Statically, Oct. thru Nov, during rutting season is still the busiest time for deer collisions.

According to a 2018 report released by State Farm, 1 in 73 drivers reported a deer collision. This makes Iowa the 5th worst state with over 30,000 crashes. So far, the odds for 2019 is 1 in 55. According to the National Highway Safety Administration, in 2016 there were an estimated 1.5 million deer-related accidents costing insurance companies more than 1 billion in repairs.

Farmers Insurance has some helpful tips to avoid an animal collision. Use high beams when possible. NEVER SWERVE! Swerving at high speeds can cause a severe accident like a rollover. Stay in the center lane on a multi-lane highway, however, that’s where my husband was driving when we had our first deer collision. Driving home one Thanksgiving Eve, my husband was passing slower cars using the left lane when out of the medium jumped a huge buck. It was like time slowed down. All I could see was antlers through the windshield thinking this isn’t going to be good. Suddenly, the deer landed on the hood, rolled up the windshield, and bounced off the roof. We were able to get to the shoulder and access the damage. Since the deer was in mid-jump, he missed our bumper, so no airbag went off. The damage was extensive, the right front fender looked like a can opener tore it apart and part of his rack was stuck in the metal. Body damage wasn’t the only thing, there was mechanical damage as well to the radiator and A/C Compressor. Over $5000.00 damage to our 2-year-old car back in 1998!

If you find yourself in an animal-related collision, rest assured Griffin Muffler & Brake Center can fix the mechanical damage. Griffin’s employs skilled A.S.E. technicians, uses quality parts, and has THE best warranty in the Tri-State area. No one can match our 36month/36,000-mile parts AND labor warranty accepted at over 9000 independent repair facilities in the U.S. and Canada.

Griffin has up-to-date equipment, including our Hunter Auto34S tire changer (the most advanced in Fort Madison, IA) which safely changes the world’s toughest tires and wheels without the possibility of damage to your rims or TPMS. Griffin’s matched this up with the Hunter Laser Road Force Elite diagnostic wheel balancer using patented algorithms to enhance precision. A tire balance by Griffin’s will give you the smoothest ride down the road.

Griffin’s highly trained technicians in suspension and alignments will keep you safely driving straight down the road. We use the most advanced designed parts in the industry teamed with our Hunter Hawkeye Elite Computerized Laser Alignment Machine capable of aligning your everyday driver on up to a two-ton utility truck. Why have your suspension work done where they are unable to perform your alignment?

If you find yourself with A/C Condenser damage. Our M.A.C.S. 609 certified technicians are qualified to replace your parts then evacuate and recharge you’re A/C system. We have the new equipment for the R1234YF refrigerant mandated on all 2018 and newer vehicles.

Whether your vehicle needs mechanical repairs due to a deer collision or just routine maintenance, Griffin Muffler & Brake Center does it all. From small repairs to more extensive diagnostics, Griffin’s is your one-stop-shop for your automotive needs, servicing the Tri-State area including Nauvoo, Niota, and Dallas City, IL. Be sure and check out our specials this month, from our alignment special to money-saving coupons. Gift Certificates are available.

Please be safe out on the road. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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