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Besides Oil Changes, What Other Regular Maintenance Does My Car Need?

The fundamentality of a car to a family is most times belittled if not disregarded. However, your vehicle is one of the essential things that ensure the functionality and safety of your family. From playdates, taking your kids to school, and going to work, it takes care of your family more than most other aspects. Therefore, it is essential to ensure its operation is top-notch through regular maintenance and checkups.

Below are some of the regular maintenance your car needs apart from an oil change.

Checking and Topping Off Fluids

An oil change is one of the most known fluid changes that most people relate to regular maintenance. However, apart from oil, your car has several other fluids that need regular checking from time to time. For example, the coolant fluid helps your vehicle cool down even on long trips. Therefore, it is vital to check on it monthly to ensure it is of the required quality and quantity. On the other hand, the transmission fluid lubricates your car's transmission system, preventing it from wear and tear.

The checking or topping up of fluids should be a short-term regular maintenance procedure; thus, it is essential to change the oil at least once a month.


The other crucial short-term maintenance item to constantly check upon is your tires. This includes tire rotation /balancing and wheel alignment. When it comes to wheel balancing and tire rotation, it should be done with every other oil change, making it easier to remember. In the same case, tire pressure is essential to balancing your car. Therefore, you should incorporate it and check the lights in your monthly maintenance. Wheel alignment, however, should be performed depending on the distance covered as it is impacted by tire wear.


Some other components that need regular maintenance vary with duration, thus having long-term and seasonal checkups. For instance, the windshield wiper replacement can be done every year, while you can have shocks and struts inspection depending on distance or if you notice lowered functionality.

Quality Auto Maintenance in Fort Madison, IA

Trying to handle the maintenance of your car can be hectic and confusing. That is why you need help from a qualified mechanic to devise a workable maintenance schedule. A maintenance schedule will help extend your car's lifespan and prevent breakdowns and avoidable repairs. If you need vehicle maintenance, we invite you to Griffin Muffler & Brake Center.

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