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How Long Do Shock Absorbers Last?

When you don't know much about cars, it is possible to think that some parts do not wear out. While shocks have a long lifespan, it is easy to assume that they do not need to be replaced until its too late. So, how long should shocks last?

Shock Absorbers: How Long Do They Last?

The lifespan of shock absorbers is at least 4 to 5 years. But in reality, it is contingent on the state of the roads. If you usually travel on seamless road, the longevity may even increase to ten years. Similar to that, if you usually drive on uneven, cracked, and pothole-filled roads, it can be less than five years. Some specialists monitor the condition of shocks using mileage. Shocks typically have a lifespan of least 50,000 miles until needing to be replaced. However, when it pertains to the endurance of shocks, it is once again challenging to forecast a precise number. However, through observing certain symptoms, you can tell whether your shocks are worn out. For instance;

Losing Control

It is likely that your shocks are damaged if you notice any swaying or feel generally unsteady in the car. Especially when you make a curve or hit a bump that you weren't expecting. An antiquated method to test for this is to drive the car while another person follows behind. You might notice the vehicle rocking or wavering from side to side rather plainly when shocks are severely damaged.

Fluid Leaks

When your shock absorbers spill oil, this is another telltale indicator that you should purchase new ones. When you park, if you notice oil marks on the ground near your shocks, on the inside frames of your tires, or anywhere else, this is a clear sign that you require new shock absorbers. Shock leaks might exhibit the same symptoms as brake fluid leaks. If you are not sure where the source is, you should take your car to an auto shop immediately since both leaks can cause extreme damage.

Suspension Repair in Fort Madison, IA

Avoid causing accidents or damaging your car by driving it without proper functioning shocks. If you need shock absorber replacement, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Griffin Muffler & Brake Center LLC today.

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