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How to Extend the Life of Your Brakes

Your car's brakes are one of the most important safety components, which is why you should have them serviced as soon as you notice unusual signs. Typically, brake pads can last anywhere between 20K - 50K miles, depending on the road conditions, how often you use them, and how easy or rough you are on them. A considerable factor is the last one: driving habits. There are specific precautionary steps you can take to preserve the life of your brakes. Here are some important braking tips to keep in mind when driving:

Avoid Hard Acceleration & Braking

Speeding never leads to good things, including premature wear on your brakes. Brake pads wear down a lot faster when there is more power to dissipate. If you decelerate smoothly, your brake pads will last longer.

Remove Excess Weight Off Your Vehicle

Hauling heavy items in your car, SUV, or truck all time can not only put extra strain on your engine, but they can strain your brakes as well. Try to keep your vehicle load at a minimum if you can. Plus, it also helps to better your gas mileage.

Flush Your Brakes When Needed

Your brake lines should be bled and flushed every so often. Brake flushes will keep your brake components in good shape and ensure they perform smoothly. Maintenance is key when it comes to your brakes, and the quality of your brake fluid has a huge impact on its components. 


Brake Service in Fort Madison, IA

If your car, SUV, or truck requires a brake pad replacement or fluid maintenance, look no further than the experts at Griffin Muffler & Brake Center LLC. Please call us at (319) 246-7080 or visit our brake service shop today!

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