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How to Protect Your Vehicle Battery During the Spring and Summer

The battery in your vehicle is especially vulnerable to damage from the high temperatures of summer. When the temperature rises, your car's engine and battery are put under a lot of stress. As a result, if your car's battery isn't in peak condition, you may have to deal with a breakdown. Keep an eye on your vehicle's battery in hot weather since temperatures are steadily increasing each year.

Use a premium battery

Battery issues may cause significant downtime for you. High-quality batteries are essential for keeping a vehicle functioning to full capacity. When extreme temperatures and extra loads can't be avoided, new battery technology for high-quality batteries are recommended as it work best with less maintenance than older batteries.

Park under the Shade

Longer battery life may be achieved by parking in garages, which are often shaded or covered. If you're going to store the battery, make sure you follow the battery's manufacturer's storage temperature guidelines.

Turn off the electronics

Electronics are the primary source of parasitic loads that contribute significantly to the battery's charge loss. Before exiting the car, ensure that all electronics are turned off, particularly if the engine will be idle for an extended time. An idle engine has more time to discharge a battery that is otherwise healthy.

Avoid idle parking

If the engine is left idle for an extended period of time, parasitic loads will deplete the battery. Therefore, try to keep the car on the road as much as possible or even keep the engine running in the idle position.

Charge the battery correctly

The single most critical step in extending the battery's useful life is charging it correctly. If necessary, use a battery charger that charges the battery according to the manufacturer's instructions to get the battery back to full capacity.


The battery's lifespan may be extended by doing routine maintenance on it both while it's being used and when it's being stored. If your battery is showing signs of wear and tear, it's time to swap it out with a higher-quality one. If you need your vehicle battery serviced, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Griffin Muffler & Brake Center LLC today!

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