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What Are Some Smells That Indicate A Car Problem?

There are certain smells that are considered normal for your vehicle, but some unusual smells usually indicate a bigger problem at hand. You might have air fresheners or sweaty gym clothes in your car, but when you smell gasoline, oil, or a burning odor, it is important to get down to the bottom of the problem quickly. Here are some strange car scents and what they can mean for your vehicle:


While this smell may be normal when you’re filling up at the gas station, it should not linger as you pull away from the pump. If you continue to catch these strong fumes while driving, please check around for a gas leak. Gasoline leaks are common with worn fuel tanks or injection components. 


Exhaust Fumes

You should never smell toxic fumes inside your car. If you do smell exhaust smoke, it is important to stop driving until you can get your car to an auto repair shop. Exhaust fumes, depending on how much they’ve been processed, can cause health issues and even death.


Sweet Maple Syrup

Unfortunately, the sweet smell of pancakes is usually not a good sign. It indicates a radiator or cooling system leak. A coolant leak can be very dangerous as it could put your engine at risk of overheating. You must have a mechanic check for leaks and make suitable repairs so that your engine isn’t damaged.


Rotten Egg

The smell of a rotten egg should never be ignored. This is an indicator that there is something wrong with sulfur-contaminated fuel in diesel engines. Another problem linked to this rotten egg smell is a clogged catalytic converter. When you catch this horrible smell, it is important to have a professional check these vital components.


Burning Rubber

Burning rubber usually points to a slipping rubber component. These smells are very pronounced. You should have a mechanic check out the condition of your drive belt, fan belt, or other rubber hoses. Sometimes, the smell can be caused by a surrounding component that is overheating and not the belt itself. 


If you catch a strange smell in or around your vehicle, please bring it to Griffin Muffler & Brake Center to have your car inspected today. Our talented team can assess and diagnose the problem and have it taken care of so that you can return to the road soon.

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