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What Are the Different Types of Tire Damage?

Whether you're on the highway, in a car lot, or in your garage, you've probably noticed that damaged tires are quite common. While some types of damage are more frequent than others, it's important to be able to identify all the different types of tire damage so that you can make sure your tires are safe to drive on. Learn more about the various types of tire damage below!


Riding on a flat tire may seem like it's no big deal, but it can cause a lot of damage over time. It can destroy your rim, leading to an expensive replacement and repair. If you do have a flat, your best bet is to replace that tire with a new one as soon as possible. It doesn't matter if it's been driven on or not; tires go bad when they're driven long enough.


A burst is a hole in a tire, usually caused by driving over a piece of sharp metal, a nail, or some other object. Bursts are particularly damaging, and they can cause you to lose all or most of your air within seconds. If you see a sudden and noticeable change in pressure inside your tire, get out and examine it right away.


Road debris, sharp rocks, and other hard objects can damage your tires. Punctures are immediately noticeable and typically occur when driving over small objects or on rough roads. If your tire is punctured, stop driving as soon as it's safe to do so. Make sure to check all four tires—punctures may not be visible on all sides of a tire.


If your tire becomes completely deflated, it's called a blowout. Blown tires are especially dangerous because they can be easily hydroplaning. If you notice your car starting to hydroplane or if you feel like there's no traction on your tires, try pumping up your tire or stopping and putting on a spare tire. And don't forget to replace blown-out tires as soon as possible! If you are due for a tire replacement, make sure you visit Griffin Muffler & Brake Center LLC today.


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