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What Can Hurt My Gas Mileage?

Getting the best possible fuel mileage is essential for your wallet and the environment in this day and age. There are several things that can go wrong with your vehicle that can cause the MPG to plummet. Below is a list of potential problems that can hurt your mileage:

  • Exposed Gas Cap - While it may sound silly, ensuring your gas cap is secure and free of any damage is essential in ensuring the gas doesn't leak. Make sure you tightly close the lid every time you fill-up.
  • Under-inflated tires - Driving with too little air in your tires is not only dangerous but also requires power output from your engine. To avoid spending more money on gas, please make sure you monitor your air pressure and adjust to its recommended psi accordingly.
  • Old spark plugs - These little things should always be changed as per recommendation by your automaker. Worn and deteriorated spark plugs will cause misfires, leading to an increase in gas consumption.
  • Dirty engine air filter - The engine air filter has an essential task - collecting and blocking out dust, dirt, and debris from the air that circulates the engine. If this air filter is filthy, it will decrease engine airflow. Additionally, it will allow these contaminants to get trapped under the hood. To prevent your motor from guzzling up extra gas and diminishing performance, please change out the air filter as recommended by your manufacturer.

If you believe that your vehicle has dropped in fuel economy, we welcome you to bring your car to our auto repair shop today. The technicians at Griffin Muffler & Brake Center LLC can inspect and run tests on your vehicle to help you regain a higher MPG again.

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