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What Does My Tire Tread Pattern Mean?

The treads on your tires can reveal a lot about how your tires are holding up, and whether or not they, or another part of your vehicle needs servicing.

Inspecting your tires once a week for irregular wear patterns can help you address any issues with your vehicle before they get much worse.

5 Tire Tread Patterns You Should Not Ignore

Here are some of the most common tire wear patterns you should never ignore.

1. ''Toe" Wear"

The toe of the tire is a mark on it's bottom that relays any tilting of the vehicle. The size and the direction it is pointed is used to compare the skew of the tire to the centerline of the vehicle. Wear and tear on the toe area of the tire to either the left or right means that your steering system needs realignment.
If you have visible toe wear, and the car leans a bit to the side while in motion, you need to take it in to a shop.

2. Edge Wear

A sure sign that you are driving around in a car with deflated tires is wear on the edges of the tire. Inflate your tires as this can shorten their longevity.

3. Center Wear

Center wear can be a sign that your tires are a bit over-inflated, which can also make them wear out faster. Check the tire pressure to make sure it matches your vehicle's recommended measurement.

4. Cupping

Cupping looks like diagonal flaky patches, and can be anywhere on the tire. This can mean that your tires are taking a battering on the road because your suspension system is worn out.

5. Bald Patches

Bald patches on your tire suggest that your vehicles tires are not turning properly. This causes the tires to wear out prematurely. Bald patches are always a sign that your wheels are out of balance.

Are tread patterns giving you the message that it might be time to buy new tires? Bring your vehicle to Griffin Muffler & Brake Center LLC to be fitted with safe new tires and feel secure on the road!

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