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When the Rubber Meets the Road

When the Rubber Meets the Road


     I was amazed to learn about 2 BILLION gallons of gas each year could be saved if the tires on every American’s car were properly inflated, according to the Car Care Council.

     I have had looks of disbelieve from customers that want to order two tires and I inform them they need all four because their vehicle is either an All-Wheel Drive or Four-Wheel Drive. Why is this recommended? A new tire is taller in diameter than one that is halfway through its tread depth, sometimes by ½ an inch.  A shorter tire must spin faster than a taller tire to keep up. This is the primary reason for drivetrain damage! There should be no more of a 3/32nds difference in tread depth.

     Here at Griffins, we can help determine if you need replacing your tires. Just stop by at 535 Avenue G Fort Madison, IA and we’ll measure them for you. You can always do the penny test. Place a penny with Lincolns head down in all the grooves of the tire. If you can see all of Lincolns head, it’s time to replace your tires.

     This is a great time to replace your tires. Cooper Tires has a rebate on select tires and Griffins have specials to help save you money through the month of April. Just check out or specials tab.

     April is Car Care Month along with Go Green for Earth Day on April 22, 2019. Griffins strive each day to lessen our carbon footprint with responsible disposal of used oil, batteries and tires.

     Stop by today or call 319-372-2478 to schedule your vehicles Go Green Check Up. For your convenience, you can use our online schedule an appointment tab.

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